Our “What we do” page became our “What we did” page on 30th Sept 2014….

SWWTP selfie……it’s been a busy, interesting,fulfilling and frankly bloomin’ great 12 years and an absolute privilege to work with so many excellent businesses and colleagues in the public, private and voluntary sector in this region. We couldn’t be more proud to be have been a small part of what the collective businesses, individuals and organisations in this region have achieved by working together over the years.

We sincerely hope that we shall still see many of you in the future in one guise or another but, for now, thank you  from us all.

You’ll find details for Visit Wales’ (VW) Regional Engagement team arrangements here.  Based out of Welsh Government offices in Penllergaer, colleagues there will be your initial contact for VW enquiries and matters relating to tourism.

These SWWTP pages are still up in the ether and, together with a record of some of our key projects over recent months, you’ll find contact details on this site for the Trade Associations and Local Government partner organisations that we have had the privilege of working with over the years and who continue to offer such professional support to the industry regionally.

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What We Do.

  • Regional Tourism Partnerships (RTPs) aim to join all sectors of the tourism industry together at a regional level, eliminating duplication and encouraging partnership working
  • Welsh Government (WG) gives resources to the RTPs who provide product investment and business support including marketing to the tourism industry.
  • RTPs work in partnership with many organisations; principally Welsh Government, private sector businesses, local authorities and National Park Authorities.
  • In S W Wales, support for tourism businesses is mainly via the Tourism Associations and  includes training (Gallu) and investment in the tourism offer.
  • Objectives contained in each annual business plan are closely monitored.  Each RTP reports to a management board comprising of equal public/private sector membership.

Established in shadow form in September 2001 and formally constituted as a ‘not for profit company limited by guarantee’ in April 2002 the South West Wales Tourism Partnership (SWWTP) works in partnership with Welsh Government (WG), Visit Wales(VW), Local Authorities, the private sector and all other organisations with an interest in collaborative tourism.  In the guiding context of national policies such as ‘One Wales’ and ‘Partnership for Growth 2013 -2020’ every piece of work that SWWTP undertakes has addressing seasonality at its core. We work with our partners to encourage visitors to south west Wales throughout the year. £8 of every £10 received by SWWTP goes to partner projects and  in the last 12 months Welsh Government funding, via Visit Wales, has allowed SWWTP to implement and / or assist

  • trade associations, enabling them to flourish and work on behalf of over 1500 private sector members
  • establishing and developing Destination Management Partnerships
  • over 400 people taking part in Gallu led training initiatives
  • food and hospitality businesses working together to develop their activities
  • private sector businesses working in partnership at Best of Britain and Ireland show (BOBI),World Travel Market and Holiday World Ireland
  • digital communications for organisations, businesses and event organisers for the Dylan Thomas 100 initiative
  • Tourist Information Centre (TIC) staff to take part in regional training to cross promote the region
  • sustainable transport initiatives such as the Heart Of Wales railway line and Tywi Valley Bus pilot
  • staging of key industry road shows and open days including three major events with over 500 businesses in attendance
  • assisting in strategic research projects, visitor and region wide business surveys
  • assisting with development and funding enquiries in the context of Visit Wales and other support schemes

Significantly, in 2012-13, support, both financial and in time, ensured the growth of Destination Management Organisations / bodies across the region. Essentially – Public, Private and Third Sector groupings that maintain independence but work collectively to solve issues and maximize opportunities at destination level via discussion and division of responsibility. We want visitors to enjoy the region in November and December as much as they do in July and August and, rather than encouraging a huge volume of visitors to spend a brief stay, we’d like those visitors to spend extra time here travelling throughout the region enjoying facilities that are increasingly less weather dependent, economically sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible. Back ground to SWWTP:   The Wales Tourist Board, now Visit Wales, initiated the formation of four Regional Tourism Partnerships (RTP’s) across Wales in 2002 to receive devolved resources and responsibilities for many aspects of tourism marketing and development.  The SWWTP is the regional public / private tourism partnership serving south west Wales with four full time staff members and two project staff based at the Partnership offices in Carmarthenshire. funded by wg logovwlogo